This Program Is For You If You Are...

  • RETHINKING YOUR LIFE. You have always wanted to live in Mexico, and the pandemic means you can work remotely. You are over 40, so why not start enjoying life now and not wait until you are of retirement age?

  • THINKING ABOUT RETIREMEN. You are still working but are starting to think about your retirement options. You’ve been to Mexico and love it. You want to do some initial research on what it takes to retire there.

  • CLOSE TO RETIRING. You have thought about retiring abroad, but perhaps haven’t landed on a specific country yet. You are looking for more info so that you can make a sound decision on this next chapter of your life.

  • RETIRED, BUT ITCHING TO MAKE A MOVE. You have been dreaming of warmer weather and seeking adventure. You may be scared to make the leap because you haven’t done anything like this before and don’t know what it entails, but you are officially curious.

Is This You?

You are a dreamer who loves to travel. You are an adventurer who loves warm weather. You love Mexico, and have often thought of building a life there, but don’t know where to start. If this is you, then you are in the right place.

By The End of the Program, You Will Know

  • Is Mexico For Me?

    Know whether or not Mexico is the retirement destination of your dreams.

  • Where in Mexico You Want to Live

    Have a good idea where in Mexico you want to put down roots.

  • Rent or Buy?

    Know what it takes to buy or rent property in Mexico.

  • Healthcare Options

    Understand your healthcare options.

  • Visas and Taxes

    Understand the visa process and tax implications (as a US citizen) working and/or living in Mexico.

  • Gain Knowledge From Other Expats

    Hear from other expats who have moved to various parts of Mexico.

What They Are Saying

Don't Take Our Word For It. Take Theirs

Comprehensive and Worth Every Cent!

Frank, Verified Buyer

I've just begun your modular orientation course. What a great place to start in planning to make PV your home. It's quite comprehensive and worth every cent!

Home Ownership to Residency

John and Kim, Verified Buyers

Thank you for the part you played in making this new adventure happen. Your program really helped us through the process. Everything from the ins and outs of home ownership to getting our permanent residency went as smooth as silk.

2 Years in the Making!

Diane, Verified Buyer

We have valued the program! We are looking at homes at Taniel’s recommendation. Thank you for what you have put together and the networking you have provided. This trip has been 2 years in the making!

What's Inside

  • 1

    Module 1: Where To Live in Mexico

    • Welcome To Mexico!

    • Intro to Puerto Vallarta

    • Intro to Playa Del Carmen and Riviera Maya

    • Intro to Cabo San Lucas

    • Intro to San Miguel de Allende

    • Intro to Cuernavaca

  • 2

    Module 2: Finding a Home + Cost of Living

    • Rentals Vs Purchase

    • Renting Long Term and Using Your Property as a Vacation Rental

    • Renting Property in Mexico

    • What Does Your Money Buy? Property Tours in Puerto Vallarta

    • Cost of Living Breakdown

    • HOA Fees, Property Taxes and Utilities

  • 3

    Module 3: Purchasing Property in Mexico

    • Steps to Purchasing Property in Mexico and Closing Costs

    • Real Estate Trusts / Fideocomiso: What You Need to Know

    • Guide to A Purchase Sales Agreement

    • Mortgage Lending in Mexico

    • Sending Money into Escrow

  • 4

    Module 4: Selling Property in Mexico

    • Preparing to Sell Your Property (What To Know Even Before You Buy)

    • Seller Expenses: Capital Gains Tax and Real Estate Fees

  • 5

    Module 5: Visas, Banking and Taxes

    • Visas + Temporary/Permanent Residency

    • Banking in Mexico

    • Taxes as a Foreigner

  • 6

    Module 6: Healthcare For You and Your Pets

    • Healthcare and Health Insurance Options

    • Tour of Joya Hospital, Puerto Vallarta

    • Hospital Care with Dr. Marquez

    • Dental Care with Dr. Blanco

    • Veterinary Care with Dr. Lalo

  • 7

    Module 7: Expats Who Have Made The Move

    • Randy and Craig: Retire to Puerto Vallarta from New Mexico

    • Randy and Craig: Condo Tour

    • Shelly and Bren: Canadian Teachers Retire and Buy Pre-Construction

    • Shelly and Bren: Condo Tour

    • Katie and Garo: Splitting Time Between Puerto Vallarta and San Francisco

    • Katie and Garo: Condo Tour

    • Georgette: Single Woman Rents House in Rural Pancho Viejo

    • Glen and Tracey: Covid as a Catalyst to Move to Cabo

  • 8


    • Ultimate Checklist: What To Do Before Moving to Mexico

    • Tour of a 1 Bedroom in the Heart of Puerto Vallarta

    • Tour of a 3 Bedroom Ocean View Condo in Cabo San Lucas

    • Tour of a Penthouse Condo with Ocean Views in Puerto Vallarta

    • Webinar Replay: Mexpat - Cost of Living - Puerto Vallarta

    • Webinar Replay: Mexpat - Cost of Living - Playa Del Carmen

    • Webinar Replay: Mexpat - Cost of Living - Cabo San Lucas

    • Webinar Replay: Mexpat - Cost of Living - San Miguel de Allende

    • Webinar Replay: Mexpat - Cost of Living - Mazatlan

    • Webinar Replay: Mexpat - Cost of Living - Merida

Plus You Get These Awesome Bonuses

  • Private Facebook Group ($199 Value)

    A community where you can get your questions answered and a space to connect with like-minded others!

  • Ultimate Checklist of What You Need to Do Before Moving To Mexico ($49 Value)

    This checklist has some invaluable tips and was created exclusively for Dream Retirement in Mexico members.

  • Complimentary Pass to A Live Webinar ($30 Value)

    You are invited to our upcoming live online webinar when you enroll. Can’t join us live? No worries, you will receive a recording of the event.

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